Amwell Valley Trail Association

The AVTA Trails 
Ride with the utmost discretion
Please stay where it is high and dry, Some low-lying locations, shaded areas and woods 
will not dry out for weeks, avoid them and turn back if you make deep hoof impressions. 
You must respect TRAIL CLOSED signs. Any Landowners needing signs,
please contact Gail Cahill. 609-423- 8278
The trails at the Greek property have been reopened with special conditions. 
This is a high water table area. Be extremely aware of any wet footing, LEAVE NO FOOTPRINTS. 
If your horse’s hooves go deeper than you expected, please call Gail Cahill so we can go fix it. 
( This goes for ANY AVTA trail ) 
The trails from Back Brook and Van Lieus to the Golf Course are too wet to ride.
We are counting on common sense prevailing.
Happy Trails!



Sourland Music Festival

Saturday, June 22, 2019  

Horses in Hunterdon
DVHA Show Grounds
Saturday June 22, 2019

Amwell Valley Hounds Hunter Paces
Saturday June 29, 2019
Sourland Farm
Saturday Oct 19, 2019
Big Sky Farm

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Trail News

Trail Clearing Days
Thanks to those who helped so far!!
New dates to be announced.
For areas needing work
Contact Trish 
or Gail Cahill

AVTA Membership due now.
2019 Membership Form
This link is for membership only payments

You must renew your Membership before using the trails. If you encounter any
wet areas, Riders must turn back.
Please stay well to the edges of fields to protect crops. No jumping Landowner's jumps! If you are hiking with your dog,
it must be on a leash.
Please let us know if you find problem areas.  Board Members emails
Happy Trails!!

Signs and white chains have been put up by the shooting range at the AirPark. When you see these, 
do NOT enter that area.

Trail Closings

The trail connecting Dragon Fly Farm
 (Upper Serendipity Farm) off Manners
 Road to Carter’s fields is still closed.


Update on the Ridge 04-28-19
The NJ DOT approved the Helistop.
The Ridge filed a lawsuit against 
the Planning Board & The Mayor.

If you have any problems or suggestions click on this link and a joint email will be sent to our board members.

Tory - AVTA Member & web person
Please use our PO BOX 696 in
Ringoes 08551 for AVTA mail.

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