Amwell Valley Trail Association

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                                    Amwell Valley Trail Association, Inc.

Purpose & Goal

AVTA Bylaws

           The Amwell Valley Trail Association (A.V.T.A.) was organized in 1985 by a
     group of concerned residents desirous of preserving our rural atmosphere and
     enjoying hiking, riding and cross country skiing.

            It is a self-policing organization with 
rules of conduct to which its members
     must adhere. The basic premise of these rules is that the rights of the property
     owners who allow us to use their land must be respected.

            We have established and maintain many miles of beautiful trails. We have
     found the majority of property owners we have contacted for permission to hike
     and ride look upon our Association and its aims favorably.

            As a responsible organization, we are covered by a substantial General
     Liability policy for property damage and bodily injury caused by members on
     land where we have permission to ride and hike.

           Membership dues are used to pay for insurance, tractor maintenance, trail
     signs, public relations, supplies, postage, two annual membership parties, and
     legal fees.

          The A.V.T.A. has an annual
Fall Trail Pace Ride with all proceeds used to benefit
Scholarship Fund and donations to other not-for-profit organizations.
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                                        **** MEMBERSHIP ****
             If you have not received your renewal form or are a new member,
             please print this document, complete it and send with your check.
             link to printable : 
MEMBERSHIP FORM  or use our PayPal link to pay.
             mail to:  AVTA  P O Box 696   Ringoes, NJ 08551             


     Calendar for 2019 AVTA Board Meetings:
         January 17 - March 19 - May 16 - July 18 - 
         August 17 (picnic & general meeting)
         September  will be a planning meeting for those involved in the Hunter Pace Oct 6
         November 21 - Jan 16, 2019
         Board meetings are open to all members and issues/questions for the
         board can be submitted prior to the meeting to Trish Buckwalter.

                                         BOARD MEMBER EMAILS 

  Board Members

Trish Buckwalter  (908) 531-6511
     Secretary  Lynn Ebeling       (609) 466-0695
     Treasurer  Jen Edwards       (908) 237-0213

     Trail Manager - Barn Representative & Scholarship Program
            Gail Cahill  (609) 423-8278
       Hunter Pace  Di Huns  (609) 558-1074

      Trail Troop Leader  Denise Gonsiewski  (973) 650-1975  

Board Members
           Stephen Buxton  (609) 466-1966
           Mary Murrin       (609) 895-1040
           Phil Jacoby         (609) 466-0933

                Pam Christian       (908) 391-2028
                Maddy Distell       (908) 782-3603  

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