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June 17, 2017 Results posted

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Trail News

AVTA Trail Troop
Attention Riders - First ride will be July 1.
More info will be posted on our 
 facebook page.

Turkey Nest in AirPark
From now until mid July at the AirPark - 
The location of the nest is on the shooting range of the AirPark. The nest is located on the very edge of the mowing area on the range halfway between the back stop for shooting and the the red flag.

This is all to your right when facing the back stop. Please do not go and investigate by looking for the nest and disturbing her. If you stay 10 yds away from the flag all will be OK.  Thanks for your attention to this matter.

The AVTA Trails
Trails have been mowed on the Back Brook and Pine Twig areas. 
Thank you Earl!!
Please let us know if you find
problem areas. Board Members emails
Stay to the edges of fields. 
No jumping of Landowner's jumps!

Trail Closings
Back Brook Farm on Back Brook Road.
 The trail is blocked off with 
No Trespassing signs. 
The trail connecting Dragon Fly Farm
 (Upper Serendipity Farm) off Manners
 Road to Carter’s fields is still closed.


  since 01/01/08

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