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The 2020 Membership Renewal Forms have been mailed to Members.
You can pay it on line at PayPal now

and attach your form as an image and send it to
or use that email address from your private PayPal account.
or mail it to PO Box 696 Ringoes, NJ 08551 with your check.

For New Members
2020 Membership Form 



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If you see any wild life acting strangely call 1-877-WARNDEP
AVTA Membership
2020 Membership Form in word
to fill out and return to
P.O. Box 696 Ringoes NJ 08551
2020 Membership Form (pdf)
or email to
and pay using PayPal.

You must renew your Membership before using the trails. If you encounter any
wet areas, Riders must turn back.
Please stay well to the edges of fields to protect crops. No jumping Landowner's jumps! If you are hiking with your dog,
it must be on a leash.
Please let us know if you find any
problem areas. Trail Manager -
Executive Board News
Trish Buckwalter will be stepping down as President as of Dec 31, 2019.
Here is her Resignation:


Trail News

The AVTA Trails 
12/15/19 update
Ride with the utmost discretion.
Please stay where it is high and dry like farm roads and avoid trails that are
water soaked like Greeks and Buxtons.
Be extremely aware of any wet footing

If it looks suspicious don’t ride! 
You must respect TRAIL CLOSED signs. 

If your horse’s hooves go deeper than you expected, please contact Gail Cahill
 so we can fix it. 

         The AVTA Trail Updates:
Click on the links for changes on the Trails

11/03/19 Cavalier's Farm off Van Lieus

11/29/19 The Ridge Golf Course Entrance

Deer Hunting Information  

Bow Hunting - til Feb 15, 2020
*** 7 days a week ***
GUN SEASON continues thru Feb 8th.
Printable Flyer of Compete Rules
When Riding or Hiking
1. Always wear blaze orange.
2. Trails are open 10 AM - 2 PM
3. Be aware, in areas that are posted
semi wild, that hunters can be 
hunting small game on Sundays.
 The AirPark is CLOSED on Saturdays.
and OPEN Week Days and Sundays only
between 10 AM & 2 PM.
Stay on the defined trails, 
and please keep your voices down.
Happy Trails!!


If you have any problems or suggestions click on this link and an email will be forwarded to our BOARD MEMBERS.

Tory - AVTA Member & web person
Please use our PO BOX 696 in
Ringoes 08551 for AVTA mail.

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